Donate Clothes 

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You have a pile of clothes to throw away? We'll take it and donate it to the needy!

ISCW accepts donations for all forms of clothing/shoes to be distributed among those in need. If you have Indian wear or western wear with minor wear/tear, please contact us for the clothing to be dropped at the collection site near you. 

ISCW has partnered with Sikh Gurudwara Sahib's for clothing to be donated in the ISCW Clothing Bins. Please email us at to inquire more about the clothing/shoe donation. 

You can donate any type of clothing, accessory or shoes as long as it's clean and in dry condition.

Help a Child Flourish

There is evidence that children who are well fed and well clothed have better chances of completing their education. This also became a reason for ISCW to undertake this project known as "Pledge of Support."

For $5/Month, a sponsored child receives education, health check-ups, nutritional meals, and recreational activities as every child has the right to enjoy their childhood.

Please find more information about this project in the "Current  Projects" Page.
Please send us an email at and let us know that you'd like your contribution to go towards that specific project

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Donate  School Supplies 

School is a sacred place for children. It is in this institution that learnings are imparted by the teachers, which plays a critical role in the foundation of a child. Imagine a school with no benches, no blackboards, and no chairs? Who could learn or teach in such an atmosphere? 
You can make a difference in a child's life by donating school supplies which will help them focus on education and not worry about other needs. 
Gaining formal education has never been  for children belonging to families who live below the poverty lines, and COVID has only made that already hazy journey, a lot harder. We at ISCW are trying to minimize the impact of COVID to those children who really want to learn, but it's out of their means.

You can be a part of a child's journey by donating school supplies such as notebooks, books, calculators, tablets (due to distant learning). 

Anand Karaj (Blissful Union)

For many, marriage is one of the biggest expense they will ever come across. Now image families that don't have food on the table every day, how would they even think about marrying off their child, especially a single earning mother living below poverty line?
ISCW founded the concept of "Anand Karaj" which translates to "Blissful Union".

Through our network of volunteers, and supporting partners, we reach out to such wedding households that need our support.

If you would like to sponsor a marriage of a poor woman's child, please get in touch with us through

By donation $15/month, you can help us arrange meals for the baraat, clothing & accessory shopping 

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Complete Transparency

ISCW ensures that every dollar donated goes towards helping the needy, therefore every penny you donate is accounted for towards the projects.
Operating costs are funded by private funds. 
To learn more about where your donation goes, please drop us an email and we will walk you through the process.


ISCW is 100% volunteer organization, so that every dollar donated can be utilized towards helping those in need.
Please contact us using the contact form to learn more about current volunteer opportunities and to GET INVOLED!

Financial Reports

ISCW is a non-profit organization with the pending 501(cstatus. Please send us an email to receive a copy of our financial reports.

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